Pałac Łazienkowski


Pałac Łazienkowski, otherwise known as The Palace On The Water is situated on an artificial Island, on the lake in the bathhouse park, in Warsaw. The Palace originally designed to be a bath house and was built between 1683 and 1689. Between 1764 and 1795 the building was converted into private quarters in the neoclassical style by Stanisław August Poniatowski the last King and Grand Duke of the Polish-Lithuanian Commonwealth. During the second world war the Germans drilled holes into the building to fill with explosives but failed to do so. The Palace was then used as barracks.

I love this building and whenever I am in Warsaw I always try to come here. The day I took this picture it was a lovely sunny day and the water on the lake was really calm. I took the picture from the end of the lake looking back down towards the palace. I converted the image into a duotone using soft pink tones for highlights and a blue for the shadows. I added a slight motion blur then masked out the palace.

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