Hoverfly feeding on a Dandelion

Hoverfly is an apt name for this little guy, but it is also called a flower and syrphid fly. These flies come in all shapes and sizes and can be seen hovering over plants and through my observations will do this quite a bit before landing on a flower. Like bees, who they emulate, hoverflies feed on the nectar and pollen of plants. The patterning of the flies often misleads people to thinking they are bees or wasps, the big give away is the eyes.

ISO 800 50mm+32mm extension tube f/16 1/80

ISO 800 50mm+32mm extension tube f/16 1/80 Edited in Lightroom

This shot was lucky, I was just walking along when I noticed a slight movement above some flowers. I have in the past I would have used all my extension tubes to get really close but I decided just to use the largest to let the shot be wide enough to have some background interest. For this shot I didn’t use flash because I didn’t have time to attach the flash, this left me with ISO800 which is just acceptable and 1/80 giving some blur when ever he moved.

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4 thoughts on “Hoverfly feeding on a Dandelion

    • You’re right, the green has a bit of Bokeh, although not smooth, adds some depth and the green compliments the yellow in the flower and gives it some more pop.
      Thanks for commenting.

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