After Before Forum Wk 77; Self Portrait 2016

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IMG_9919-EditI may have commented in passing on here that I have a new job, which I actually start on Tuesday. With new jobs comes lots of forms, medical check ups, nervousness and of course the ID picture. Although I greatly enjoy taking pictures I have not been a big fan of having my picture taken. I was asked by new employer to send an ID picture of me to them. The last time I had my ID picture taken I ended up looking like some kind of drug dealer, not pretty. So I decided to take the picture myself, with the help of my wife. The picture was up to scratch for my ID badge but not something I was really happy with; as I still feel as if I look like a criminal, although not a drug dealer. With my photoshop knowledge I decided to make something else out of this picture.

I was thinking first about vector art portrait. Browsing the net though I saw a few images with different elements I liked and started to concoct an idea in my head.


I first took my portrait and duplicated it a few times playing around with the threshold to create a silhouette of my main features.


I actually took the jpeg file and opened it in notepad to get a load of computer code. I then pasted this code into a few new layers. this part took a bit of experimentation. I ctrl clicked on my portrait to make a selection and used that selection to create a mask. This process created my face made from computer code.


I added some colour to the background by using a gradient going from a light red to a darker red.


I thought the image was still quite plain. I added a texture just to add some depth.


Still seeing some plain areas I added a tiled pattern to the background with quite a low opacity.


The final image is for me quite interesting. The code although is strange links nicely to my new job, the texture adds a worn feel like when the toner on the printer has run low. I am still not sure about the red but it is a striking colour for the image.

Week 77 Entries For The After Before Friday Forum

Benjamin Rowe Aperture64

Amy World Is A Book

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