I was working on an article two days ago and read that snow and fog are monochromatic. This got me thinking and i looked at an image i had taken that had snow in t. And by george it was right and i had never really realised before.

This image was processed in Photoshop but there has been no changes to the saturation level except raising it. The yellow of the band stand just glows and is contrasted so well against the monochromatic park that it is situated in.


3 thoughts on “Colour

    • Hi, It was taken in the city i live in called Łódź in central Poland.

      In Łódź there are many parks which was quite surprising for me when i moved here because Łódź is a post industrial city. I later found out that the reason for so many parks is because the factories needed sources of water for the manufacturing of fabrics. Large ponds were made and parks grew up around them.

      The park i took this picture in is called Park Źródliska. The park is separated into two parts and this was taken in the first part. Park Źródliska is the oldest park in the city dating back to 1840.

      Thank you for your comment and for taking an interest.

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