Editing Friday; Hyacinth II

On Monday i had a still life shoot of this Hyacinth. I shared a Vblog on Tuesday and here on Editing Friday I am going to show you another shot and how i edited it.


The Image I shot looks OK really good. There are some issues as always when you take an image  In the bottom right of the image there is a small line of light. This is caused by the backdrop meeting the table.
There is also some areas in the background that need darkening and a few small defects in the leaves that i will clean. Colour wise i don’t want it to be as saturated and as the previous image I posted. This image will not work with a lot of saturation but there will need to be some because as a reader mentioned in the comments of the last post the purple coming through the buds breaks up the uniformity of the buds.

I am going to edit the image in Adobe Camera Raw, then import the image  to Photoshop for the final finishings.


The image was loaded into Adobe Camera Raw.


I used the auto for the light balance to correct the colour balance. I normally say don’t use an auto setting, which is true you shouldn’t , but in using the auto and then adjusting from this point is a good idea . I raised the black point so i didn’t clip the blacks and lowered the white point for the same reason. I then used shadows and highlights to bring out the details  I didn’t increase the contrast yet. I raised the clarity to adjust the midtone contrast. Also I raised the vibrance.


Next i went to the detail tab in an attempt to reduce the noise. Even at 80 ISO there was still noise that needs to be lowered.


From here I went to the HSL panel and adjusted the hue of some of the colours. For me the green was too yellow so i moved the slider to make it more green and the same for the yellow. Also moved the purples to a more pink/red purple than blue.


I then went to the split toning panel and added purple tones to the highlights and greens to the shadows just to add a bit more contrast between these colours. I balanced the split toning more towards the highlights so the image didn’t look too green.


Importing the image into Photoshop as a smart object, I created a new layer and used this layer to clean the image. I used the clone and heal tool to remove any imperfections.


Untitled9Using a new layer filled with 50% grey and then setting the blending to overlay i started selectively brightening and darkening the image. Some areas needed a lot more work that others, for example on the background. In the image above you can see the areas that have been cleaned and the areas that have been dodged and burned.

After this i made a slight adjustment to the contrast used noise ninja to reduce the noise further and finally sharpened the image.


I really like this image. The photo is very different to the previous composition but it has its own character  I love the greens in the leaves and how their boldness contrast against the buds. The flowers that are opening break up the pattern of the buds. The focus is stronger in the centre of the plant dropping out as it comes to the edges.

I am very happy with this image.

Please let me know what you think about this shot using the comments box below.

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