Shadows on the Wall

I walk past this building three days a week on the way to my school to teach. Its quite strange how I never really paid it any interest it was just part of my scenery, as I am waking up and drinking my coffee.

I never really knew what the building is/was. I thought it was a school or part of the university as when ever i looked in the windows it seemed to be classrooms. Whatever it is/was, it is now being demolished.


I really love the strong shadow cast from the trees on the wall and the view of the demolished building through the window.

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3 thoughts on “Shadows on the Wall

    • Thanks Christopher, I did notice the drawing on the wall ( most likely because there is so much graffiti like this in the city it passes you by) you have keen eyes.

      Hope you can pop back again.

  1. this makes for an interesting photo, nicely done…the design of the bars on the window caught my attention first…then the shadow, but I don’t really think it matters what attracts people to it…as long as they are attracted.

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