Editing More Mushrooms

I have been shooting a mushroom picking project for quite a few years now and have now got a good collection of images. Through I may hold off for one more year before saying the project is complete. Originally the project was all in colour so I shot everything with colour in mind. Recently however I have come to feel that black and white is in my opinion a better toning for the images. I have come to the decision to re-edit all of these images. To make the project feel coherent I am experimenting with the best toning workflow that will work with all images. It also means that I get to look through everything again because some images i discarded before will work perfectly now. Black Mushrooms

The above image is a new one that I have shot. The real problem with the image was the depth of field as the background was quite distracting and I wanted the mushrooms to be isolated against it. I spent quite a while shooting to seeing which focus point was best. In this image the front mushroom is a little soft but the other two are nice and sharp.

Processed solely in lightroom.

Let me know what you think.

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