Photoshop Sunday; Arya Ice & Fire


Today I didn’t have much time to have fun in Photoshop, as we are heading to my In-Laws for the day.
I had this idea of taking a portrait and adding some fire textures to it. As I sat down to find inspiration I started watching Game of Thrones series 4 trailers and thought how the fire of my idea would work well with a Game of Thrones portrait, since the series is called a song of ice and fire.

My favourite character from the books is Arya, as her journey for me is the most interesting of the characters so far. I found a HBO wallpaper of Arya cut her out and placed her on a textured background. I then started adding fire textures to the portrait.
Once I had finished I made some adjustments to the colour via selective colour and adjusted the vibrancy of the image. I then added two borders and cleaned up the image and added some dodging and burning.

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2 thoughts on “Photoshop Sunday; Arya Ice & Fire

  1. Interesting interpretation although I confess I have no idea what Game of Thrones is and so I don’t know Arya! Maybe it has not reached HK yet.Or I am the wrong generation?

    • Game of thrones is the first book in a fantasy saga called A Song Of Ice and Fire, written by George RR Martin. The books are bwing adapted for TV by HBO and will start the forth season in April. I wouldn’t say you are the wrong generation but maybe it hasn’t reached your circle of influence.

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