Weekly Photo Challenge; Wall

This week’s weekly photo challenge theme is Wall. There were quite a few possibilities with this prompt. When I read it though I knew what I was going to do, photograph some graffiti.

My city has a love and hate relationship with graffiti. On one side the city embraces graffiti by commissioning graffiti artists to paint the sides of grey buildings with huge murals. Then there are the football fans of the two city’s two football teams that have a never ending turf war, tagging walls of apartment blocks and buildings. This has led to a really interesting mix of Graffiti.

I first saw this piece of graffiti a few weeks ago, once the theme of wall was announces it gave me an excuse to head out and photograph it. Funnily enough it is a mix of the above mentioned love and hate. The graffiti is promoting LKS Lodz one of the city’s football teams. It is part of a larger mural but only like this frame of it.

Wolf Graffiti_
Following the rule that you have to get as close as possible to your subject, I took some macro shots. I was really impressed by  how detailed the the painting was close up.

Click on the thumbnails to see the picture in a higher resolution.  

What do you think of my interpretation of the theme, do you have any views on graffiti? Let me know in the comments below.

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22 thoughts on “Weekly Photo Challenge; Wall

  1. I find it truly amazing what people can paint. I can how someone painting on your building may not be desired though, especially if unasked. It would be like going to a friends house and drawing on their walls. Even if your amazing at drawing, they may not appreciate it, lol. It is very interesting that your city graffiti is sports related. I guess that is better than gang violence graffiti. Great captures 🙂

    • Hi Michelle, the “bad graffiti” not sanctioned by the city is usually around the two football teams and in this there is a kind of gang culture because there is a problem of holiganism in this (not as bad as 10 years ago but it still exists). I do get angry when I see graffiti saying one team sucks or we are the best, because people pat money to paint the apartment blocks. You actually do see much on people’s houses because they are on the outskirts of the city and there are only towers in and around the center.

      Lucky I think this one was city sanctioned as it is on the wall of the zoo looking out into a park. There are also several other murals here as well.

      Thanks for your thoughts and comment.

  2. Great shots. I like seeing the detail of the eye. It’s amazing the precision these artists get with spray can.

    For me there is a difference between graffiti and vandalism. The latter is done without permission and since it’s fine covertly it’s usually rushed and simplistic. Graffiti, on the other hand, can really enhance an environment. I grew up in a drab and ugly neighbourhood and it always improved things when a graffiti artist was commissioned to paint something.

    • Hi Laura I agree there is a difference. Where I a lot of the graffiti sanctioned by the city really does brighten up drab buildings. And these murals are amazingly not targeted by the vandals. On apartment blocks however where a lot of money has been spent to paint them, vandals love to tag them

  3. I actually find graffiti quite pleasing but in my home town there has been a dreadful furore over a piece of art/graffiti that was painted on a house wall by a ‘famous’ (or infamous) graffiti artist called Banksy. He paints political and social statements and they are worth millions now to collectors! I did a blogpost about it some time ago but if you google Banksy you will find examples of his work. The photo you took is wonderful ~ definitely a genius artist at work. I loved the close ups. I must learn to do more detailed photos but I am a total amateur!

    • Banksy is a great artist and his is provocative and has a lot of truth to it. Of course those whose buildings are painted may not be entirely happy, unless they can remove it and sell it.
      I also think this graffiti artist is talented and his talent is being used for something positive. I took the close up shots with a macro lens but you could get a similar results with a point and shoot using the macro mode.

    • Hi Raewyn, one of the reasons the city sanctions graffiti in places is because of an old tradition the city had on painting adverts onto buildings. Some can even still be seen today although the companies no longer exist.

    • When I take the train to Warsaw I pass a series of old carriages that are no longer used and the tags on there are quite nice and not just a quick sqribble. I think the difference between graffiti art and just tagging is in the intention of the creator.

  4. Great image and interesting topic. Art can take many forms, and what appeals to one is viewed negatively by others. A microcosm of the world we live in.

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