Re-editing Friday Częstochowa

For the last couple of weeks on Fridays i have been posting Re edits of HDR pictures. Although i like this idea I am going to make Fridays more about  Re editing any picture not just HDR Images, to give a bit of variety to the blog.

This week is a my HDR Image and was taken in Częstochowa. Each year there is a Pilgramiage accross Poland to Częstochowa. In Częstochowa there is amonastery with a famous portrait of the Black MadonnaIn the 17th centruy Częstochowa’s monastery was turned into a fortress.

My picture was taken on a winters Sunday. I looked around the monastery and then its grounds. I took a lot of pictures that day. The inside of the churches and monastery were full of gold reflecting the low light levels and gave the pictures a particular glow. Outside the snow on the ground and the breaking overcast sky made it interesting to take pictures. trying to correctly expose the snow as well as not underexposing the sky.

I took this picture on the outside of the monastery looking at the defenses. It was a three image HDR processed in Photomatrix.

The Image is quite saturated and cropped tight to the bottom and to the right side but not to the left. There is strange yellow tone in the sky which i presume is an incorrect light balance reading. Although the picture is not too bad it could be a lot better. I would really be looking at making the tower of the monastery lighter and to lower the saturation overall. The light balance needs to be checked and the image should be re-cropped to make it tighter. 

When it came to re-editing the first thing i looked at was the light balance. It was not acctually too far off and what appeared to be the wrong setting was infact the sun colouring the clouds as it was breaking through.

The image was wieghted more towards the highlights. I spent some time trying to bring the midtones back more towards the shadows. I didn’t raise the saturation but did raise the luminace of the predominate colours and then lowed the luminance of their complementray tones to create colour contrast in those areas.

With shadows and highlights i created some midtone contrast. The image had a small vignette added. I duplicated the layer blurred using a gaussian blur set to maximum, then set the layer  opcity to overlay create more contrast. I then masked out the blur layer in the middle to have the main subject untoched. I then shaperend and saved.

I think the overall effect is much better. By reducing the saturation it did take alot from the image but i worked through saving the details. The vignette and the blured layer together is a great compination forcing the viewers eye to the juxtapostion of the bold red/orange defense structures  against the more subtle tones of the monastery and its hight tower. The breaking clouds help guide your eye down though the image following both buildings lines to the lower right of the image. The tighter crop definetly focuses the image more on the buildings.

I know some people dont like such strong skies in images and neither do i usually, that is why it has been toned down more in this picture than the previous.

Let me know which one you like better.

5 thoughts on “Re-editing Friday Częstochowa

  1. I will pass along your photos to my mother-in-law who is familiar with the area – she will be thrilled! As far as which I prefer among the two tower pics (if you really want to spend the time), it might be interesting to create a composite of the two: the sky with the yellow of the sun shining through (like a ray of hope), the deeper tones of the buildings on the left and brighter green of the roof combined with the vignette effect, lighter tower and less red brick foreground…. As always I am a fan!

    • I can see what you mean about creating a composite of the two but i find the yellow in the sky quite off putting (personal preference), but then the symbolism of a ray of hope does sound interesting so I will definitely have to think about it.

      Thank you for your comment and it is great to speak to a fan of my work.

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