Worlds most expensive equipment goes to…..

Bragging rights are what some people like to own; I have the biggest TV, the fastest the most expensive lens. For companies it can be used to set them apart from others in the market place; we make the fastest processor or we are the most trusted brand. In recent months due to my television habits i have seen alot of bragging rights linked to Social media. One great example is, “The most trending program on monday night”.

Well Leica has snagged two bragging rights in photography, the most expensive camera and the most expensive lens.

The lens is a converted Leica SPO-Telyt-R 1:5.6/1600mm lens with a bayonet mount for the Leica R series cameras. The lens is 1.2 m long with a diameter of 42cm , a focal length of 1600mm and weighs 60kg. The lens is reportedly transported via a customized four-wheel drive Mercedez Benz. The proud owner of the lens is Sheikh Saud bin Muhammed Al-Thani of Qatar, who paid 2.07 million dollars for the lens.

This coming after earlier this year a Leica vintage 1923 camera was crowned the worlds most expensive camera.

At the moment there are no sample shots made by this lens, but we can only hope to see them in the future.


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