Indecision Thursday; Colour or Black and white

The title maybe misleading as this will not become a weekly feature, but I thought it was catchy. I have written before how I generally know how I am going to process a shot as my finger hits the shutter. I will think about the colours, dynamic rage, composition and then how I want the image to feel; happy, thoughtful, zany etc. With the shots below I was so involved in the picture taking process I wasn’t thinking about how I would process them. Although both images are not the same they were taken in the same burst and goes to show how much you do move between frames.

Dew in the grass colour

The first picture is colour; I loved the saturated green flowing between the highlights and shadows. The focus is sharp on the dew and you can see the reflection of the grass in the dew.

Dew in the grass BW


With the black and white version the focus was also on the dew drop and I have also captured the reflection of the grass. I like how the grass is less contrasted than what is seen through the droplet. The desaturated area acts like a vignette directing the viewer’s attention to the drop of dew.

Personally I think I like the black and white version more because it has a stronger composition, yet I really like the colours in the first version. Let me know in the comments which one you prefer.

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18 thoughts on “Indecision Thursday; Colour or Black and white

    • I like the idea that they are different interpretations. Why choose? when organizing my “portfolio” I don’t like multiple images that are colour and then black and white, if they were in different galleries then I would keep both.

  1. I like them both, but if I had to choose I`d go for the monochrome. I like the reflection of the grass in the droplet. I have a similar picture of some rain droplets on the grass, its interesting to see the colour and the monochrome version of the same photo.

    • From the comments I think the black and white is the winner of this indecision. I like taking droplet pictures like this because they look great and have the wow factor.
      Thanks for taking the time to comment.

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