Aperture Speaks; Boarders and Acid

I’m sure this post sounds more interesting than it may become. Today’s Vblog is about adding boarders and utilising an action called Urban Acid.

This is slightly in response to a comment Embee35 (author of the blog West Penwith and Beyound) made on last Thursdays post adding boarders.

Embee35 wrote;

I’ve never used borders mainly because I have wondered about how to make sure the border fits your image and whether they are available as high res files so you can produce a nice print.

In this weeks Apeture Speaks I show how you can add a boarder and make it fit as well as some other Photoshop fun. Want to learn more? Watch the video below.

The Image After Urban Acid Action


I really quite like the Urban Acid action as it gives a bleach by pass look with a cyan shift. You can find the action here to download Urban Acid Photoshop Action
Thanks to http://petebarrwatson.com for the link.

To add a film boarder;

1. Import the boarder in to Photoshop and place above your picture. Your picture needs to be a single layer or a smart object.

2 Duplicate the Boarder Layer and turn one of them off. If the layer is not already black and white desaturate it by going Image -Adjustments -Desaturate. Select the boarder layer and select all (ctrl A) and then cut (ctrl x) the contents of the layer will disappear.

3 Delete the blank layer and click on the channels palette.  Click on the top right menu icon and add channel. This will add an Alpha Channel. Turn off RGB and Paste (ctrl v) into the Alpha Channel. You should now see the boarder you had previously.

4 Ctrl and click on the Alpha Channel to select only highlight tones.

5 Turn on RGB and then go back to the layers palette. Create a new layer and invert the selection (shift + ctrl I). Using the paint bucket fill the selection. This should be the centre of the boarder.

6 Place your image above the new layer and and right click on the image layer and select clipping mask. Your image should now be constrained by the layer below.

For a clearer demonstration watch the Vblog above.

Final Image


In the final image I added 3 boarders one for texture, one for the ripped edge and one for the colour overlay. I really had fun.

I sourced my boarders from here http://pshero.com/goodies/photo-borders.

I like the image as a fun image, not all images need to be clear and crisp it is okay to make them dark and gritty form time to time. I know grunge images are not in vogue as much as they used to be but the technique dose enhance the image in my opinion.

Let me know what you think in the comments box below.

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One thought on “Aperture Speaks; Boarders and Acid

  1. yes…I like the Urban Acid effect…both are great but I rather like the one with more green in it…I do agree that not all images need to be crisp and clear…I often find I prefer the darker/gritty edge to a photo…I usually prefer darker for everything…you’ve done a nice job on the boarders…I think I mentioned before I don’t use them much, no special reason…

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